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New Diamond Dimensions Patterns out!

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Had a great time at our first Diamond Dimensions Trunk Show hosted by Hoppin’ Bobbin. Many thanks to Kelly and all the ladies there! If you didn’t make the opening, you missed a lot of great food! Alas its all gone now but nots to worry, the quilts are still there! Hope you get over there to see them. Here are the last two patterns to compliment the collection – hot off the presses! Literally!

Dining Diamonds – you saw this one earlier but now the pattern is available! Click on the link or pick one up at Hoppin’ Bobbin when you go.

dining diamonds wm

But the Diamond Dimensions Ruler does more than just diamonds. It miters! And it makes the whole process of mitering sooooo easy! Border Mania is a testament to that fact!

border mania sunflowers pic

Diamond Dimensions Trunk Show

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Hoppin’ Bobbin, Aberdeen Maryland, tomorrow at 6:30. I was pleasantly surprised to find there are 14 projects for my Diamond Dimensions ruler! 13-1/2 of them are mine! And no, that 1/2 project is not an unfinished quilt – its a complimentary item for another pattern which isn’t mine but uses the Diamond Dimensions Ruler. Hope to see you there! If not Tuesday night, I guess you’ll miss all the food but nots to worry, the quilts will be hanging for a month or so! All of the inspiration will be hanging around for a while – literally! 😉

dining diamonds wm


New Quilt Shop – Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

No – Its not my quilt shop.  I’m pretty sure that owning a quilt shop is not something I would have the energy to do. Lots and lots of work deciding what to carry in the shop, sewing samples, paperwork and money management, staffing, and much more more. My hat goes off to those brave entrepreneurs who venture into this business! I love a good quilt shop so it was exciting to have the opportunity to explore this new one.

Prints Charming in Maple Leaf Maryland – actually, Fulton Maryland,  if you are trying to use your GPS to find it. I would like to call it Round-about-Maryland as I am sure I drove through about 5 traffic circles in the last mile and a half before arriving at the store. Its a little hard to find in this “planned community” where every building looks just like every other building but after a bit of driving around, it popped into view! Its a delightfully arranged, well lit store with lots of patterns and fabric. So if you are in the Baltimore/DC area, drop in for a visit. We need to support our local quilt shops so that they will stay around a while!