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So Many Dresdens, So Little Time…

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

I’ve been working and working on these two-toned dresdens.

single dresdne

I am making lots and lots of them. So many that I apparently can’t count. I kept cutting and cutting rectangles… so many¬† that I had to go buy more gray fabric. And here are the “extras”.¬† Do you ever have those mathematically challenged days? Well… this was a week… at least!

over cutting

After I figured out that I only had to sew half of what I cut out, I thought this process was going to be a bit faster. But reality can be deceiving – sort of like math. I currently have sewn all the appropriate rectangles together. Here are some of them waiting to be cut into wedges with my Creative Grids 15-degree Triangle Ruler.

waiting to cut

Here is a pile of wedges that have been sewn on the both the top and bottom edges because these are going to be double pointed dresdens. This is just one of many piles that keep growing around here.

waiting to turn

The process of turning – it takes a pointy thing, a straight pin, lots of finger pressing and good movies on TV to get this job done. Good thing we’ve got Netflix!

turning process

Here’s a pile waiting to be officially pressed into shape. I am planning on sewing them together in circles, not just blocks so I need 24 two-toned dresdens for each circle. I think there are enough here for three circles.

waiting to press

And since I always need immediate gratification to keep moving – here’s the first circle!

first dresden

I think it has enough WOW factor to keep me going for a while…