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Finishing Those Pesky Geese!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

So here it is – the final instructions to set all those geese blocks.  Hopefully you have discovered a favorite method to make all those geese since the border has lots and lots of them flying around the quilt. But never fear, if you didn’t find a method you like, there is still another one – 3 Dimensional Geese! If you can’t figure out what I wrote, here is a youtube video of Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson making them! Just use the measurements I gave you so they will fit.

Flying Geese 9 BOM finishing instructions

Don’t forget to send me pictures when you finish your quilt!

Making Tracks!

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Goose Tracks that is! Another Goose Block of the Month installment ready to go – hope you are keeping up!

I love this block but it can be a bit tricky. “Y” seams and bias edges! But really  – can it be any harder that measuring in 16th inch increments as with the Goose in the Pond?


So cut some diamonds, insert those Y seams and let those geese leave tracks all over your quilt!

Goose Tracks

Only one more block to go for the Goose Block of the Month Series. After the last block, I will post how to put it all together with a great Goose border!


Goose in the Pond!

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

As much as it is raining outside today, I could have geese in my front yard! But it will have to suffice for now to have them in my quilting room. This is one of my favorite blocks. It can be done with one fabric and a background or very scrappy.


This block is a little tricky because you will be measuring with 1/16ths. 1/16ths, you say!! Where is that? Ok – on your ruler, every inch is divided into 8 sections or 1/8th inch marks. I think you should go get your ruler right now – go on, I’ll wait…

Now, where were we…. So if you were to imagine another hash-mark right between each 1/8th mark, that would be a 16th measurement. However, there just isn’t enough room to print all those lines on there so we have to improvise.

Another way to look at it is 1/8th equals 2/16ths. 2/8ths equals 1/4 inch but it also equals 4/16ths. Any of this sounding familiar yet – fractions in 4th or 5th grade, I’m thinking…

This pattern uses 5/16ths and 15/16ths.  Lets start with 5/16th. Remember that 4/16ths = 2/8ths =  1/4 inch – all the same line on the ruler. So 6/16ths must be the next line up or 3/8ths. I know the marks on the ruler aren’t really there, but if you line your fabric up in the middle of the space between 4/16s (aka 1/4) and 6/16ths (aka 3/8), the chances are really good that you’ve measured 5/16ths of an inch!!

Now to find 15/16ths. If 14/16ths is the same as 7/8ths and 16/16th equals a “one whole unit” marked by the inch line, then 15/16ths is right in the middle of the space between 14/16th (aka 7/8ths) and the inch mark.

I am sorry to say I had to resort to measuring with 16ths on an inch so that the block could finish at 12″. If it had been a 9″ block this wouldn’t have been a problem but this block of the month is all about learning how to construct Geese Blocks in new ways so the lesson of the day is 16ths of an inch!

Goose in the Pond – 9 BOM

Geese in the House!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Ah – the next installment of the Goose Block of the Month has arrived.

I think I originally called this Wild Goose Log Cabin but have decided that Geese in the House is more fun – you choose! Any way, its got a bit more precision involved with the piecing so be careful! You can choose to make your geese with the background fabric or with a print – Although I apparently have only made this block with light-colored geese, I’ve seen it both ways and both are great!


Have fun with pattern – watch your 1/4″ seam allowances! Good Luck!

wild geese log cabin

Big Goose, Littel Goose – Next Installment of the Goose BOM

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

I hope everyone has had a holiday season just the way they liked it – and if not, make a New Year’s resolution to change it! I, for one did spend some time and some money on just me – albeit after Christmas and at the pre-inventory sales! But the point is, I did eventually get around to some me time! And today, I will be washing all that pre-inventory booty before it enters my studio – yes, I am a fabric washer….

So here’s the next Goose Block – I picked this one to be next in line  since we had just done the “bigger” version of this block – Goose in the Air. This  one could be called Goose and Goslings too but for some reason, I opted for Big Goose, Little Goose. Some of you may know it by another name but that name doesn’t fit the theme we’ve got going here!


Here is the block in different color suggestions! Alas, it is paper-pieced again but a very simple pattern.

big goose little goose pattern   big goose, little goose instructions

Enjoy! And Happy New Year!

Geese in the Air!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Its that time again! Time to think about Geese! Its so easy to do around here. The Geese are “flocking” back to the river and making lots and lots of noise! I assume they are just passing through because they are not so prevalent during the rest of the year, but here in the fall, there are 1000s of them on the water all night long!  A veritable cacophony of honking! They fly in and out around the clock   – yet another reason for not owning a house right on the water. These birds are loud!

So in honor of the all the Geese flying overhead, here is Geese in the Air!


Geese in the Air

Click the link above for your instructions. These geese are getting pieced the old fashioned way – lot of half-square triangles – so be careful with the cutting and use an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance so everything will come out to the size they are supposed to be. And be grateful that your geese are so much quieter than mine!

Free Block of the Month! Flying Geese All in A Row!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Its that time again! Time to stretch your wings and fly! If you are a goose block, I mean! So this next installment of the Goose BOM and it is what I consider a classic Flying Geese block.


Here are just two of the colors pallets I have used for this one! It is Paper-Pieced so if you are not sure how to do it and my instructions are just not enough, you can search I found several tutorials on paper-piecing and foundation piecing that may be able to explain things clearly for you.

Flynig Geese in Rows paper-pieced

Be very careful with your printer – check the pattern to make sure it prints the correct size. If not, adjust accordingly to get the paper-piecing pattern to be 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ including the seam allowances.

Have fun!

Fox and Geese – 2nd Block

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

So I spend all of last night ripping off the paper behind the paper-piecing geese I’ve been working on. I only got through HALF of the blocks but all through this mundane activity, I tried to decide what colors to make my version of this Goose Block-of-the Month. Since I was working on a black and white with a splash of green quilt I though that might be a good color combination. But then I worried that I would run out of blacks and whites and greens before I finished both quilts and would be forced to buy more fabric. Now really, how bad could that be? I must have been really tired from all that paper-pulling to allow that thought to pop into my head!

Needless to say, I haven’t made up my mind and am going to be a month behind. I vowed to myself to make the decision this week and get started on it so my deadline to myself is Friday – decision is to be made and at least last month’s block to be completed!! I guess, technically, I’m not behind if I still get it done in September. Although I am posting the next handout a few days early, I’m pretty sure I said something out new blocks being ready on the 1st of the month so all is good. I was just worrying to be worrying. I’m sure it had something to do with all this rain or all the time I spend alone – thinking. I really should just watch more TV!

So here’s the block:

And here’s the link to the instructions. Enjoy this clever fast-piecing technique for making lots of geese from just one square of fabric. Accuracy is an absolute must with this technique or your geese may end up too small. Be Careful!

Fox and Goose BOM


Inspiration on Color?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Some thoughts on color choices for the GOOSE QUILT Block of the Month – Should you go scrappy or planned? Or planned scrappy? Its a dilemma… maybe these pictures will help.  These are from times past. I will be doing a new one to go along with the Goose Quilt BOM but I’m not sure of my fabrics yet… hmmm…. two colors like red and black, or black and white with a lime green sparkler, or amish, or neutrals, or… I’ll have to think about it….


Goose Block of the Month is launching NOW!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I was worried that we wouldn’t have internet service back in time to upload the debut of the Goose Quilt Block of the Month. Luckily  Irene was relatively gentle with us. We only lost power for an hour in the middle of the night and a neighbor lost a tree that he didn’t really like much any way. Cable and internet were not so lucky apparently as it took two days to get back online. Talk about a quiet house!

Our sunflowers took a beating, as expected, but I did manage to bring a few in before the storm. It does brighten up the house a bit, to say the least.

We also picked all the grapes off the vine in fear they would have been blown off and smacked up against the side of the house. No body needs a house with lots of purple spots on it! Needless to say, I am canning jam as I type this morning.

Attached you will find the fabric requirements and the first Goose block which I have generously renamed “Goose Puzzle”. You may recognize it by another name but it suffices to say that this block is composed of Flying Geese units so we are claiming it as our own!  This block uses the easy piecing technique of drawing diagonal lines on the background squares, putting them on top of a rectangle of goose fabric, sewing on the line and folding them back to make the background for the geese.  Pay attention to the pressing instructions. It will help the block go together easier.

Goose 9 BOM fabric requirements

Goose Puzzle BOM instructions

I noticed when I clicked on the link in my last blog entry, it did not take me to the expected quilt. I have corrected that but you can also click here if you need another look at the Goose Quilt.