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Chevron Garden Update!

Monday, July 28th, 2014

chevron garden wm

Hi all, it has come to my attention that there could be a little confusion in the Chevron Garden pattern – nothing that will mess you up too badly but confusing just the same. Apparently I switched the strip sets illustrations. So on page two and three of the pattern where the instructions and pictures show you how to make “Strip Set A”  and “Strip Set B”, the letter “A” needs to replace  every “B” and every “B” needs to replace all the “A”s .

The directions are correct but for this one exception. So if you follow the instructions, when you finish making Strip Set A, you have actually just made Strip Set B and vice-versa.

So sorry for any confusion this may have caused. It all goes back to me having trouble with my lefts and rights… its a long standing problem of mine, knowing my lefts from my rights and it drives my family crazy!