Geese in the Air!

Its that time again! Time to think about Geese! Its so easy to do around here. The Geese are “flocking” back to the river and making lots and lots of noise! I assume they are just passing through because they are not so prevalent during the rest of the year, but here in the fall, there are 1000s of them on the water all night long!  A veritable cacophony of honking! They fly in and out around the clock   – yet another reason for not owning a house right on the water. These birds are loud!

So in honor of the all the Geese flying overhead, here is Geese in the Air!


Geese in the Air

Click the link above for your instructions. These geese are getting pieced the old fashioned way – lot of half-square triangles – so be careful with the cutting and use an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance so everything will come out to the size they are supposed to be. And be grateful that your geese are so much quieter than mine!

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