Goose in the Pond!

As much as it is raining outside today, I could have geese in my front yard! But it will have to suffice for now to have them in my quilting room. This is one of my favorite blocks. It can be done with one fabric and a background or very scrappy.


This block is a little tricky because you will be measuring with 1/16ths. 1/16ths, you say!! Where is that? Ok – on your ruler, every inch is divided into 8 sections or 1/8th inch marks. I think you should go get your ruler right now – go on, I’ll wait…

Now, where were we…. So if you were to imagine another hash-mark right between each 1/8th mark, that would be a 16th measurement. However, there just isn’t enough room to print all those lines on there so we have to improvise.

Another way to look at it is 1/8th equals 2/16ths. 2/8ths equals 1/4 inch but it also equals 4/16ths. Any of this sounding familiar yet – fractions in 4th or 5th grade, I’m thinking…

This pattern uses 5/16ths and 15/16ths.  Lets start with 5/16th. Remember that 4/16ths = 2/8ths =  1/4 inch – all the same line on the ruler. So 6/16ths must be the next line up or 3/8ths. I know the marks on the ruler aren’t really there, but if you line your fabric up in the middle of the space between 4/16s (aka 1/4) and 6/16ths (aka 3/8), the chances are really good that you’ve measured 5/16ths of an inch!!

Now to find 15/16ths. If 14/16ths is the same as 7/8ths and 16/16th equals a “one whole unit” marked by the inch line, then 15/16ths is right in the middle of the space between 14/16th (aka 7/8ths) and the inch mark.

I am sorry to say I had to resort to measuring with 16ths on an inch so that the block could finish at 12″. If it had been a 9″ block this wouldn’t have been a problem but this block of the month is all about learning how to construct Geese Blocks in new ways so the lesson of the day is 16ths of an inch!

Goose in the Pond – 9 BOM

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