Another Awwww.. Moment

This little fellow, we call him Jack, is demanding a lot of attention this afternoon. Here he sits (or should I say lays) on my files blocking my view of the computer screen! Now I am furiously trying to finish writing patterns for the last few quilts that will debut at the May Market with my new Creative Grids ruler and the pressure is on! So I debate about pushing him out of my way of the computer screen and off my file full of notes on the pattern  that I am so diligently writing. But there’s a back-story to his attention seeking so I hesitate.

As it turns out, Jack has just returned from the vet after having gotten his furry little balls snipped in just the right places to give me peace of mind and  hopefully keep him home at night.  So yes, Jack is a little doped up as would any male need to be after such an intrusion into his person.

Jack has been so happy to see me this afternoon that he has followed me everywhere until everywhere landed him on top of my work! I’ve decided to let Jack sit where he is, write from memory and tilt my head awkwardly around him to see the screen because as it turns out, I am still the good guy. Luckily for me, Jack doesn’t seem to hold grudges despite the fact that I put him in the cat carrier, drove him in the car for miles and abandoned him to a bunch of strangers who did unspeakable things to his private parts.  All that seems to be important to him is that I came to rescue him and brought him home. I will take what ever adoration I can get…

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  1. Deborah says:

    Erin, You and “Jack the Cat” are just too funny. I read the post this morning – wonderful to start the day with a good laugh!

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