Short and Sweet!

I”m told that my quilts are too big! That everyone wants to have a project that they can actually finish! So, today, I’ve been working on that issue. Table runners and place-mats should fit the bill! Here are two upcoming addendum to my Fan-Tastic Fanwork patterns using my Creative Grids 15-degree Ruler.  The addendum will be free but you’ll have to  buy the patterns for the big quilts to get all the inside  information, like measuring and cutting!

Here are a couple of examples I’m working on – the Uneven Fans as a table runner – they still need to be quilted. Note the red – Pretty cool! or Hot! Red is a warm color, after all!

And the Stacked Fans as a table runner and a place-mat.  The Table Runner is quilted already. I used the Quilt-As-You-Go method  – flipping and sewing as I went along – Fast! But since I didn’t think about that before I started the placement, it is simply straight-line stitched.

So keep an eye out for the addendums coming soon! Who knows, you may be savvy enough to figure it out just from the picture but you still need the ruler!


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