Torned between Two Lovers???

This week, I’ve had a few things to do. One is to create a second Uneven Fans quilt so I can have enough quilts to share. So I’ve pulled together a smattering of fabrics that resemble the orginal quilt and got to work. Luckily, these blocks go together very quickly although I think this second version will be a bit more green that the first. Tomorrow, I put it all together and get it on the long arm.

uneven fan2 blocks

And in the meantime, I have been working on this little bit of fluff. My art quilt group, Fiber Dimensions, has given ourselves a challenge to get a collection of fiber art together by March. Each of us must contribute three pieces all themed around Sea Scapes or something like that. I started out looking at mermaids but progressed in my research to this! Its almost finished – needs beads and binding and maybe a bit more, but boy was it fun! The shark is created with shadow trapunto. He is made of plain old craft felt covered by layers of what I can only identify as evening gown fabric from the bridal section in JoAnn’s. Actually the very back layer is a metallic swimsuit-stretchy material that I fused interfacing to for stability. I have no idea how this is going to hang since it is still on the long arm –  I’ll let ya know soon since its getting booted off tomorrow to make way for that more traditional Uneven Fans quilt.

Out of the Blue

Two very different styles – and as I flitted back and forth all week between the two, it was hard to say which one I like more – traditional piecing or something Out of the Blue – so you see, I’m torn….

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