Busy Tuffet Day

I had the good fortune to visit the Lebanon Quilt Guild in Pennsylvania for the third time this year and we made Quick and Cute Tuffets!

lebanon tuffet collage

A couple of these were made from ties and the maker could tell you when and where the ties were worn – those two tuffets are going to be quite the family treasures. If you are using ties for your tuffets, it’s important to open them up and stabilize them for the best results.

Another tuffet was made with upholstery fabric – who would have thought of that!! Although the fabric was a little thick in the center ( and I am putting it mildly here) it all came together with beautiful results!

And while I was there, one lady brought in her Optical Illusion quilt from the last workshop I did with the group. The borders she added were from the Chinese Fans pattern – lovely combination!

lebanon optical illusion


2 Responses to “Busy Tuffet Day”

  1. Rosemary Carlson says:

    I just bought your tuffet pattern to use for a tuffet made from neckties. I am wondering what kind of stabilizing might be best to use? Any help would be appreciated before I get too far in. All my ties are opened and pressed.



  2. Erin says:

    Hi Rosemary – I would suggest a light-weigh fusible interfacing. I had a
    student make a couple of tuffets out of ties. She used something made for
    t-shirt quilts which was really too thick. A nice fusible will stabilize
    the fabric (which is all bias edges) then you can cut your 3″x 21-1/2″
    strips out of them.

    It will be quite striking when you are finished. Ties make great tuffets!
    Your center intersecting point might be a little thick but continue to try
    to sew through it. I find I sometimes have to take stitches manually by
    hand rolling the fly-wheel.

    Good luck!

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