Binding stuff

In one of my most recent classes, some of the students were asking about binding. I have found a few youtube videos that seem to explain the process pretty well. I do have to say that I think they do not allow enough “extra” binding when they tell you to cut your strips long enough to have 10 inches left over.  After I have squared up and measured my quilt, I cut enough strips to have about 20 inches extra in length. This extra is quickly consumed in sewing the strips together, mitering corners and occasionally having to adjust seams on the strips to avoid folding a seam into the mitered corner (neither video talks about that but its is really THICK when that happens so you want to avoid it if possible – that’s another video, I suppose). Any way, I hope these two videos are helpful. I especially like the second one that demonstrates how to sew your two ends of binding together to have a “bumpless” finish. I do believe there is a ruler out there for this technique also.

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