The Friendly Star

I’m sure this block has another name but I’ve decided its the Friendship Star’s close relation so I’ve dubbed it the Friendly Star. I am sorry to say I have not made my sample this month as I am in the middle of moving from one house to another. Although the sewing machine is not yet packed, the rotary cutter and mat are so I’ll catch up later!

The pattern for this block is done the old fashioned way –  cutting triangles and sewing them back together. There is a quick piecing method to get 1/2 squares and 1/4 squares but I did not use it because when you are finished, half of your blocks will be twisting the other direction. If you look closely at the  four 6″ blocks in my quilt, Starry Block of the Month, two of them  rotate the other direction.  That’s how I figured out that little quirk in the quick piecing method!

Starr BOM Friendly Star

Good Luck and enjoy! Try to send pictures of your progress. I know everyone would love to see the colors you’ve chosen.

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