Never have what you need when you need it

I’ve been working on my WIPs¬† (Works in Progress – a much more encouraging label than UFO) and have slowly come to discover why my WIPs became WIPs in the first place. As I opened project box after project box and tried to decipher where I left off, I soon discovered that I didn’t have what I needed for¬† the next step, whether it was the right color thread, steam-a-seam, blue fabric, you get my drift.¬† Also to my dismay, I have discovered that I now live¬† absolutely no where near a quilt store or even a Joann’s. Its a bit of a trek up the road and possible even a toll to pay, depending on my route and destination of choice.

Needless to say, I settled on this WIP, went out and bought what I needed to keep on moving forward with the quilt top and am back in business – as long as the sun is shining, that is. Lighting is at a premium in my new studio and I rely heavily on the picture window to illuminate my busy hands. Track lighting is on the list of things to acquire but has been way behind other things like a new water treatment system, a dry basement and rehearsal dinners. Slowly but surely it is getting closer to the top of the priority list. Meanwhile, if it gets cloudy or the sun sets, I can always pull out another WIP that is just waiting for its binding to be sewn down and retreat to the den with a good lamp and a big TV!

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