Final Block of the Month – the Ohio Star

I debated on what was the right way to piece this star. I am not crazy about templates nor do I want to sew a lot of bias edges. The block in the blue quilt was done with a quick-piecing technique using rectangles and squares but precision was crucial making it harder rather than easier. So I have decided to settle on paper-piecing.  Print out all the paper-piecing patterns and transfer them to your foundation of choice, be it paper or fabric. If you are not familiar with paper-piecing, there are some tutorials on but I have to say, none were as informative as I would have liked. If you go there, just search for “foundation paper piecing” and see what comes up. Some of it is scrapbooking stuff but you may enjoy that too. There is also a nice written description of the process at Quilter’s you may want to check out.  I hope that helps.

Starr BOM Ohio Star

starry bom ohio paper-piecing 21 inch Patterns should measure 4-1/2″ square including seam allowances.

starry bom ohio paper-piecing 6 inch Patterns should measure 2-1/2″ square including seam allowances.

ps. The 21 inch block really is 12 inches – just checking to see if you are paying attention!

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