New Quilt in Gallery

Just finished the Mason-Dixon Quilt Professional Network Challenge “Two by Two”. The premise was to think about things that come in twos or pairs, etc… We all met today at G-Street Fabrics in Falls Church, VA, and turned in our interpretations of this theme.  Split Hairs, Peaches and Cream, Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees, Pairs of Pears are just a few of the  titles for the 15 submissions.  Here is my contribution. If you read my blog regularly, you will have noted that I said my long-arm machine went down in the middle of this project on Monday. My loving hubby fixed it right up while I was out canoodling with other quilters that night and I was right back in business  Tuesday morning. The last stitches went into the sleeve and binding at 5 pm on Wednesday and out the door it went first thing this morning – hopefully off to tour at many of the major quilt shows across the USA! Check it out in the gallery for a better view.

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