How many guilds are too many?

As I sit here writing checks for membership renewal to three different guilds, all due this month, I wonder… Do I belong to too many guilds? I frequently get them confused and have been known to furiously scribble down who’s who with what guild and what that guild does while a dear friend – also a member of many of the guilds I belong to – dictates the facts to me! I’m not sure what that says about my ability to organize my brain  but I blame it on all the similar names of all the organizations – they all have the word “Quilt” in them, some have “Professional” in the title. Some are “networks” and some are “guilds”. You see where I’m coming from here, right?

Now, these three guilds that are renewing this month are not the only ones I can claim membership in. There may be four or five more. I’m not sure but I may have let one national guild lapse because the dues were due the same time as fall tuition – yep, that does sound like a familiar story- and I probably thought I would just re-up later but conveniently forgot. And I know for sure that I did not renew with one guild last fall since we  have moved a bit further north and the drive to meetings was going to be an hour or more.

I firmly believe that I get something out of each and very membership in my vast variety of guilds. But since I’m always confused as to who’s who and what’s what, I may be getting more from one guild and attributing it to another. And with all that being said, I have seriously contemplated joining another one or two local guilds. Because our new home is just at the top of the bay, going up north or down either side of the bay opens up a myriad of opportunities for quilting camaraderie – all less than an hour’s drive in any direction.  I think before I do, I will set up a payment schedule first and limit renewal deadlines to only three a month!

Well, I’ll get to that later – time to sign off. Got a guild meeting to go to!!

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