Off to Lecture this evening

I have graciously been invited to present my lecture Quilting by Check to the Quilting on the Line Quilt Guild in Pennsylvania. It looks to be a fun group as I know a few of the members already. Their website has lots of nice pictures of quilts – take some time to check it out. Then its off to Dover tomorrow morning to teach Machine Quilting at Chicks-n-Stitches. I have packed up most of my quilts for tonight’s lecture and will have to repack early tomorrow morning in order to take some class samples with me. My walls and beds are bare right now – perhaps I need to make some more quilts just to avoid that empty house feeling when I lecture…

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  1. Robyn MacKay says:

    Erin, I had a great time learning from you at chick-n-stitches. I have been practicing on a machine that actually works lol, and I am doing pretty good, i’m doing great with the mctavishing and paislys but the feathers are hard for me,just cant get that down yet.
    Have a great day and thank you again. Robyn

  2. Erin says:

    Hey Robin, I’m glad you enjoyed the class! And I am especially impressed if Mctavishing is working for you – It is extremely hard for me!! I just get lost and stuck in corners…. No telling why your machine acted up so much – good thing you’ve got another one!! Thanks for getting in touch with me and I hope you checked out Leah Day’s site as well.

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