Self Control? What’s that about?

I find that my creativity is stifled sometimes by my own rules for self-control. I have this one little rule that I can’t start a new project until I have a box to put it in. Now, my boxes are just plastic bins with lids. Lids are important for keeping the dog hair and dust out of the projects that linger longer than others!. Everything related to the project lives in that box until it is bound. And it is especially important to note that I am not allowed to raid a box for fabric, no matter how perfect that fabric would be in another project.

Originally, there were only 8 boxes allowed in my sewing room. Over the last few years, I have commandeered several other types of boxes that were just hanging around empty as well as a few file cabinet drawers that were really not being used to their full potential. Most recently, many of the left over boxes from Christmas were quickly filled up in an effort to clean up my sewing room. Yet, there still remains a few projects floating around with just a bulging file folder trying to contain all the bits and pieces of its creation. And lets not mention the projects that were put on the fast track, worked on furiously with parts and pieces spread chaotically all around the sewing room and until the binding stage – there’s a few of those just sitting in piles too!

Since we’ve moved, the clutter keeps collecting in this new space of mine and I have blamed it on shrinking pains brought on by trying to fit it all into a smaller space. But an epiphany occurred to me the other day! As I perused my shelves filled with boxes, many of them labeled,  I realize that most of my boxes are class lessons and not really “projects” any more – What a relief!! Here I thought I was getting out of control but its not a bad as I think! I have officially given myself permission to buy more boxes now and perhaps another shelf or two to house the boxes. After all, I could really use those file cabinet drawers for other things. You see, I keep my thread in plastic boxes….

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