Empty Box – oh Boy!!!

So, in keeping with my rules, I have emptied a project box! The quilt top is finished and waiting in line for the long arm. Technically, the box shouldn’t be emptied until the binding goes on but I’ve set aside binding fabric so I think I’m safe to merge the rest of the unused fabric back into my stash. Meanwhile, I have finished another quilt complete WITH binding – only this one didn’t have a box, just a file folder! See the Pastel Chains below or click on the link to see more detail in my gallery.

So even though I have finished two quilts this week but only one had a box, I can only start one new project, according to my own rules… hmmm, I don’t think I’m being fair to myself.

I say this in all honesty as my brain churns up a myriad of  new ideas. My biggest delemma, if one would call it that, is that Bear’s Paw in Towson (where I teach a lot of classes) has graciously arranged for me to use a Bernina 830 for a couple of months. Now my time is limited with this grand machine and I want to put everything else on hold and just spend my days creating with all the fantastic things this machine had to offer. I’ve been coveting one for a long time because it has ONE stitch that I really need. I know, one stitch, really… all that money for one stitch… can’t I compromise and find another stitch on a machine I already own? Well, maybe – but meanwhile, I’ve got the stitch available to me at the push of a button right now and since I’m not going to be able to afford this machine any time soon (soon being defined in terms of years!), I feel the pressure to get all my ideas down in fabric with that particular stitch ASAP. And when you think about it, the main goal for Bear’s Paw to lend me this machine is so I can learn it inside and out and help my students when I teach at their store. SoI really should  sit and sew all week long.

Alas, I will instead sit and type all week long as I have a few class agendas to work up and a few patterns to write… Perhaps, I can skip the nighly ritual of TV watching with my adoring hubby and sew all evening… hmmm. If I think about it hard enough, I’m sure I will figure out a way to have my cake and eat it too!! Times a-wasting!

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