Snowy Day Keeps me inside and busy

Got the camera out today to take some pictures of some quilts. Since its is snowing/raining/ icy/ windy outside, I decided to rearrange the kitchen and set up the quilt standard in there. The delemma was deciding where the best place to set up was based on lighting and avoiding the dogs.  Originally, I thought I would back it up to the counters but it proved to be too long to fit there so I moved the table and chairs out and set up between the kitchen and the living room – good for light, bad for dogs.

I pulled out the white drape and knew immediately that I should have vacuumed up all the dog hair before I got started – I decided the camera wasn’t really going to be able to see it so I put that task off for later and hung up the white drape complete with a dusting of dog hair on its lower extremities.  The first quilt was pinned up and pictures snapped. But wait, the battery on the camera is dangerously low! It figures…

Not to be undone, I charged the battery between quilt hangings and got a lot of pictures snapped.

These three new ones are in my gallery, Chinese Fans, Starry Night in Neutrals and The Ultimate Exchange!. Look closely I’ll bet you can see any dog hair!

P.S. I did vacuum in the end – and even cleaned a bathroom while I was at it!

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