Another Quilt Shop Closing!!! Oh No!

The Hayloft in Morgantown, PA, has been forced to close its doors. Alas, this is my favorite quilt shop in the “Lancaster” shopping circuit. Its just on the fringes of Amish country located above Martin’s Grocery store. So not only do you get to feast on and fondle fabric but you can enjoy the fresh bread and and hot coffee aromas emanating from the deli below. I have always said that if we lived near that store, our grocery bill would be heavily inflated by the yard or two or fabric I would pick up on every grocery store run.

Apparently the building they are located in has been sold and the fabric store and the two other businesses housed there must be out by Nov 7th.  As of now, the Hayloft has no plans to relocate and will sell, sell, sell to reduce its inventory. Currently, everything is 25% off but I wouldn’t wait much longer as I understand that the store will invite “liquidators” to come in and scarf up the inventory so a lot of it may go in big lots! They have a online store but none of this information is mentioned on their website. I first got wind of it last night at a guild meeting then did a little Internet searching this morning to get more details. So Hurry, Hurry if you need/want/wish for good quality fabric that was already at a good price and now even at a better price! I suspect it will go fast!

3 Responses to “Another Quilt Shop Closing!!! Oh No!”

  1. Denise Rouse says:

    I am so disappointed; this is one of my favorite stores and I have always been able to find something. My grandaughters from Houston will also be very disappointed; they love the Hay Loft. Good luck to those owners who have to liquidate their store.

  2. Sue Rynex says:

    I can’t believe they closed. I used to go to their other store also before it closed some years ago. Is there any possibility they may relocate downstairs?

  3. Erin says:

    I know, Sue, very disappointing. At one time there was a rumor that they may have a lead on another location and I have tried to find more info but to no avail. The website isn’t even working.

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