Fox and Geese – 2nd Block

So I spend all of last night ripping off the paper behind the paper-piecing geese I’ve been working on. I only got through HALF of the blocks but all through this mundane activity, I tried to decide what colors to make my version of this Goose Block-of-the Month. Since I was working on a black and white with a splash of green quilt I though that might be a good color combination. But then I worried that I would run out of blacks and whites and greens before I finished both quilts and would be forced to buy more fabric. Now really, how bad could that be? I must have been really tired from all that paper-pulling to allow that thought to pop into my head!

Needless to say, I haven’t made up my mind and am going to be a month behind. I vowed to myself to make the decision this week and get started on it so my deadline to myself is Friday – decision is to be made and at least last month’s block to be completed!! I guess, technically, I’m not behind if I still get it done in September. Although I am posting the next handout a few days early, I’m pretty sure I said something out new blocks being ready on the 1st of the month so all is good. I was just worrying to be worrying. I’m sure it had something to do with all this rain or all the time I spend alone – thinking. I really should just watch more TV!

So here’s the block:

And here’s the link to the instructions. Enjoy this clever fast-piecing technique for making lots of geese from just one square of fabric. Accuracy is an absolute must with this technique or your geese may end up too small. Be Careful!

Fox and Goose BOM


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