Big Goose, Littel Goose – Next Installment of the Goose BOM

I hope everyone has had a holiday season just the way they liked it – and if not, make a New Year’s resolution to change it! I, for one did spend some time and some money on just me – albeit after Christmas and at the pre-inventory sales! But the point is, I did eventually get around to some me time! And today, I will be washing all that pre-inventory booty before it enters my studio – yes, I am a fabric washer….

So here’s the next Goose Block – I picked this one to be next in line  since we had just done the “bigger” version of this block – Goose in the Air. This  one could be called Goose and Goslings too but for some reason, I opted for Big Goose, Little Goose. Some of you may know it by another name but that name doesn’t fit the theme we’ve got going here!


Here is the block in different color suggestions! Alas, it is paper-pieced again but a very simple pattern.

big goose little goose pattern   big goose, little goose instructions

Enjoy! And Happy New Year!

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