Life Changing Events

I have been remiss in my posting but have had lots of things going on – life changing events to be sure. I’m not really sure how we women get through life without girlfriends during these life changing events. I am very grateful for mine!

So the main lesson I’ve learned lately is to always follow your art,  no matter how bad it gets. But only,  of course, after you have discussed your problems ad nauseam with your girlfriends.

My mother in law has been forced to move in with us. Some of the forcing coming from her son, my beloved hubby, and some of the forcing coming from circumstance.  So as a result, I have lost a lot of personal space, privacy and independence. But that’s not the worst of it. She has lost all of her independence, her friends (since we live 3 hours away from her home), her “things”, her car and everything else  that has allowed her to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it.

As we make this transition into the next phase of our lives together, I am working to keep some of my space while giving her some of her space.  My mother in law is a fantastic artist! She taught lessons and took commissions as well as ran her own art gallery for years. Now she is forced to move into the smallest bedroom in the house, give up her studio and privacy too! I am struggling to keep my sanity all the while worrying about hers. And bless my poor husband who has put us in this position, he is trying to keep his attention balanced between his adoring mother and his slightly neglected, put-upon wife.

I find that the only thing that keeps me sane at this time in my life is my studio (and my girlfriends!).  I retreat to it at 8am and try not to leave until it is time to cook dinner. And the knowledge of how good it feels to create makes me keep my mother in law moving forward with her art. We have set up a table and shelves for her art work (a far cry from her studio to be sure) and talk every day about painting and creating. It has been hard, taken a lot of alcohol on both are parts, but I do believe that she has finally remembered her art.

She spent the evening discussing how fascinating that stupid hound dog was (the one that was dumped on our doorstep by my loving wild child) and how she wanted to paint his face. “Its so full of character, expression  and lights and darks”,  she says. I am at once drawn to her words. I know what she’s talking about although if any one asks, I absolutely can’t stand that dog!


And so we bond….

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  1. Tiffiny says:

    Great description of both sides of the story unfolding in your home. I love that you have encouraged her back into her own art as well. Good luck and if you ever want to escape to PA for a day to go fabric shopping let me know, I am a really good listener too 🙂 hugs

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