Opportunities from Oopsie-Daisy

So I need to quickly quilt this quilt  because it needs to be a pattern in just a few weeks and I’m thinking this is a really good opportunity to use the channel locks on my long arm. I have never been successful using this option because the quilt that you quilt straight lines on has to be perfectly straight itself. And we know that that is often a rarity no matter how hard we strive to achieve it!

As I assess the situation I decide that this quilt has a lot of white space which will allow me to fudge straight lines a little. Luckily, though, it seems to be square and straight. I smile to myself because maybe all these years of my practicing is paying off! As I start to channel lock, its all going rather smoothly and quickly. I walk the long arm from one end of the quilt to the other laying down straight lines 1″ apart. It’s looking pretty cool until I notice that one long vertical seam runs parallel to the channels right smack dab in the middle creating an annoying hump – ugh!

What to do – what to do… I’m going to have to fill the channels and camouflage that hump now.  So I contemplate – and worry about time… Finally I decide there’s no hope for it. I am  just going to have to add some more quilting – so much for easy and quick. I start adding half-feathers in the channels.

I think it looks pretty cool – time crunch aside. I am happy. But I really need to get back to work! Time’s a-wasting!

waterfall quilting 2   waterfall quilting

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