Pics from the most recents classes

Below are pictures from the last three classes I’ve taught but haven’t had access to the internet to post pictures. The first several are from the PHATKATs class at Seminole Sampler in Catonsville. We had a young novice sewer in there that really impressed us all, including her grandmother who brought her to the class. The second class is MACHINE QUILTING 101, also at Seminole. We did this 6 hour class in two 3 hour sessions hence no one looks too exhausted! And lastly, the TESSELLATING TREES at Sew-n-Save¬† in Aberdeen. This class moved along quite nicely but would have gotten much more completed if they hadn’t spent so much time buying up all that $5 a yard fabric! Yes – its true. $5 a yard! Sew-n-Save is closing the store soon and selling all of its fabric for $5 a yard. I understand the Christmas fabric was $3 a yard but is long gone!!!¬† But don’t dispare. Look for it to re-open in August or September under new ownership.

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  1. Erin, thanks for leaving your blog site for us to read, it’s a great blog. Check our facebook page on Friday to find out the winner of the Blog-of-the-Week!

    Thanks for your dedication to quilting and teaching others with passion and enthusiasm. Your work is beautiful, keep it up!

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