True to My Art

I am diligently following a pantograph on my long-arm when I feel something skittering down my neck! Now – I immediately recognize this horrific sensation as a spider with webbing in tow but am cruising across my quilt at 70 stitches a second.  I rapidly assess my dilemma with all its ramifications. How can I stop sewing quickly enough yet  gracefully enough to not require ripping out stitches before I start to flinch and twitch and get totally freaked out and loose the spider somewhere between me and my clothes?! One could say it is truly strength of character that kept me going  long enough to stop sewing at a perfect point, swipe and swat at my neck and head until I spotted the  interloper dangling from my hair. It was  quickly swooshed to the floor and stomped upon. I took just a few more seconds to shake out my hair and then the machine was up and running again! I would say that make me pretty true to my art!

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