Starry Block of the Month Assembly and Border Construction

Wow – the 10th of the¬† month almost slipped away from me. I am so glad I remembered the date! Our middle son and his very drooly dog have been here for a few weeks and thrown me completely off kilter! He’s sleeping til noon and his dog isn’t.¬† I can really gross you out by telling you that is pretty necessary to wear shoes in the house with that dog – he drips! He steals loaves of bread! He chases the cat every chance he gets. My son tells me I’ll get used to it – what does he know – he’s sleeping through half of it!

Any way – here’s the last installment of the Starry Block of the Month – Putting the whole thing together!!! I’m hoping to have my Brown and Tan version together by September – that’s my goal so lets see if I can make it. I have really been stalling on the center applique block – haven’t really touched it!¬† So lets see how well I do with this self-imposed¬† deadline!¬† Don’t forget to send me pictures of your quilts. I’d love to post them right here in my blog for everyone to see!

starry bom Assembly and Border Construction

starry bom border top

starry bom border side

starry bom border corner

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