New windows installed!

They came on Sunday and installed the several thousand dollars worth of windows we bought for this new – old house of ours. The view is even more spectacular through clear glass. And having things all torn up for construction inspired me not only to clean but to re-arrange. Now the long arm is in front of the picture window – note the new easy opening sliding windows – and the rest of the sewing room stuff lines up on the other wall blocking the opening between my studio, formally some other home owner’s living room, and the dining room. I’ve decided to hang a quilt in the dining room to hide the ugly glare of furniture and wires in the doorway – My PhatKat quilt will fit nicely there.  It feels a much more roomy in here! Wonder how long it will last….

On the down side, having all the windows open, well – literally empty, all day Sunday let in a lot of flies.

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