Busy and not so busy time

So we left the new windows and went down to NC just in time to meet Earl – he was a bust but my son and daughter-in-law were fun! Then we came back to the new windows and old dirt – I am torn between cleaning and quilting – I know, I know… there should be no question. Quilting, right? But since quilting has won out for a long, long time, the dirt and mysterious debris has staged a slow and steady onslaught in this charming abode of mine, demanding attention.

Yesterday, we had a great Tessellating Tree class at Bear’s Paw – I forgot my camera so I’ve just attached a pic of my latest two samples. Every one in the class used shades of red and green. Every one was in or past the quilting stage by the end of the class – one industrious lady even had her binding stitched on before we were through!

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