Block of the Month!

I’ve caught up on my pieced blocks and have the pictures to Prove it! I am contemplating taking the applique block with me to NC next week as we are traveling down for my son’s wedding and a mini-vacation. The contemplating part is all about hand applique vs machine applique – if I take it with me, its hand applique. If not, its machine applique later on but either way it won’t get finished any time soon!!

The new block is the Variable Star. Click on this link to get the pattern. Starr BOM variable Star I’ve always assumed it was called that because you can vary the fabric behind the star points – I’m sure there’s another reason but that’s mine. Its is very easily pieced. With this quick piecing method in the block pattern, I used a scant 1/4″ seam when sewing next to the drawn diagonal line. This gives me a little slack if my peiced blocks don’t want to turn out the right size – at least then I can trim them down. REMEMBER to check your pieced star points for accurate size before you put the entire block together.

Enjoy! And send me pictures!

Above is last month’s Friendly Star and below is this month’s Variable Star.

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